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Automatic Transmissions

Reliable Auto Transmission Services in Melbourne's south-east 

​Our specialists are highly experienced in automatic transmission servicing and upgrades, specialising in the ZF 6HP26 range. DSR Performance offers options to suit all customer requirements from standard road car to drag race performance in Melbourne.

Experiencing abnormalities with your car's transmission?

Knowing when to get a service from an automatic transmission specialist is half the battle. Aside from servicing every two years or 50,000kms, you should service your transmission when you experience abnormalities. One such abnormality includes a fluid leak. Transmission fluid usually smells fairly sweet and is red in colour. If you ever notice a pool of red liquid under your vehicle – regardless of size – you should get it checked. Similarly, a burning smell is not a good sign. The burning odour indicates possible overheating or a problem with your transmission’s age and functionality. A transmission fluid change should remove the smell in the latter case.


Reliable Transmission Servicing 

From slipping gears through to the car's automatic transmission refusing to switch gears, DSR Performance has got you and your vehicle covered. We have the right tools and unmatched expertise to ​tackle those abnormalities and fix them.

Even With The First Signs, Reach Out 

If your vehicle feels unresponsive, it could also be a transmission problem. You should never drive on the road if you suspect a faulty transmission. Instead, call us, and we’ll advise on the next step. Should you notice any of the above-mentioned signs, we recommend that you get in touch so that we can assist you with the necessary repairs.