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Custom Fabrication

Don't Settle For Standard

DSR's premium custom fabrication means you will be ahead of the pack! With our extensive range on offer we specialise in aluminium and stainless steel fabrication, custom exhaust systems and boost pipes.

Your Custom Fabrication Artisans

Elevate your car with DSR Performance's custom fabrication services. At DSR Performance, our artisans turn dreams into reality. With meticulous attention to detail and a passion for innovation, we design and manufacture bespoke enhancements for your vehicle. From one-of-a-kind bodywork to unique interior customisations, our team's dedication to perfection ensures your vision becomes a reality.

4X4 Custom Vehicle Fabrication

Stainless steel or aluminium custom fabrication is a fantastic way to secure bespoke parts for your vehicle. Still, when should you consider using custom fabrication vs. simply looking for the specific part you need online?

One of the reasons to consider custom fabrication services is if you desire upgrades not entirely compatible with your vehicle straight out of the box. Custom pieces can fit desired upgrades to your vehicle without any fuss.


Cost-Effective Solutions

Another reason to consider custom options is that they might sometimes be more cost-effective. Finding a product online locally is one thing, but importing it from across the world can be much more expensive than a custom fabrication. 

If you don’t want any guesswork during your upgrades, custom is 100% the way to go, as every part will be compatible with your vehicle.

Easy As

Have you been dreaming about elevating your vehicle to stand out from the crowd? If so, DSR Performance are your best bet. We make it easy for you: send us details for your custom requirements and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible so that we can start manufacturing your dream to turn it into a real custom piece.