Ford Ranger 3.2L PX 1 2 3 Engine and Transmission Calibration

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Unleash the full potential of your Ford Ranger 3.2 with DSR's Stage 1 tuning and automatic transmission upgrade. Our custom calibration, developed through years of in-house testing, ensures unmatched performance and enhanced reliability for your PX1, PX2, or PX3 model. Say goodbye to turbocharger over speeding concerns as we prioritize your engine's longevity. Experience improved fuel economy and optimal towing capabilities with over 30% increased power and torque. 

Further improve your ranger with the  DSR's custom calibration for unparalleled performance. Experience a significant boost in fuel efficiency, with savings of up to 2 liters per 100 kilometers. Not just that, enjoy enhanced shift response, increased reliability, and additional shift pressure for a smoother ride every time. Benefit from faster shift times, an optimized shift schedule, torque converter lockup adjustments, and the ability to hold gears effortlessly.

DSR offer both in house calibration and remote tuning solutions

Remote tuning via phone app or laptop

Stock power 95-105kw

DSR Stage 1 128-140kw

If you're looking for more power look at our stage 2-3 options


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