DSR 4WD Street Dominator

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DSR 4WD Street Dominator ZF 6HP26. Engineered for off road and 4x4 use, this beast features a DSR 24mm 300m billet input and billet intermediate shaft, delivering unrivalled strength and durability. With a staggering 750 rwkw power rating, it's ready to take on the road or conquer the quarter-mile.

Equipped with DSR spec high-performance clutches and a genuine ZF overhaul kit, this transmission is built to handle extreme conditions. The DSR Spec bronze bush kit ensures smooth and reliable operation while the modified clutch pistons provide enhanced performance.

A custom torque converter and the correct engine and transmission calibration are essential for seamless operation. 

Whether you're seeking high-speed thrills on the road or aiming for the ultimate off road reliability, the DSR Street Dominator ZF 6HP26 is your ultimate weapon of choice. Dominate the bush like never before with this precision-engineered masterpiece


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