DSR Bend cutting block, 45 Degree Multi angle

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Achieve flawless Stainless Steel bends with the DSR Bend Cutting Block, the ultimate multi-angle cutting tool. Designed for unparalleled precision and versatility, this cutting block allows you to effortlessly set your desired angle by simply positioning a ruler at the correct degree. Clamp the block into your band saw and make accurate cuts, ensuring perfectly formed bends every time.

Elevate your metalworking skills and improve safety with the DSR Bend Cutting Block. By securely holding the elbow in place, you can cut with confidence, eliminating the risk of slips or misalignment. Say goodbye to tedious, imprecise cutting and hello to a streamlined, efficient workflow. Experience the difference that the DSR Bend Cutting Block can make in your workshop. Order yours today and take your metalwork to the next level.

 Only suitable for 45 Degree ZERO Leg 1.6mm 1.5D Stainless steel tube

Available in

·         2 inch      

·         2.5-inch 

·         3-inch      

·         3.5 inch  

·         4 inch      

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