DSR Billet spark plug holder

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Elevate your engine maintenance game with the DSR Billet Spark Plug Holder. Crafted from premium billet alloy, this ingenious accessory keeps your spark plugs organized and accessible, ensuring a seamless service experience.

No more lost or mismatched plugs! The DSR Billet Spark Plug Holder features numbered positions from 1 to 8, allowing you to easily identify which plug belongs to each cylinder. Say goodbye to the frustration of plugs rolling off the bench or falling into the engine bay – this sturdy holder securely keeps your components in place, right where you need them.

Investing in the DSR Billet Spark Plug Holder is a smart move for any serious mechanic or enthusiast. Streamline your maintenance routine, save time, and maintain the integrity of your engine with this must-have organizational tool. Don't settle for a disorganized workspace – upgrade to the DSR Billet Spark Plug Holder and take control of your engine's performance.

Designed, Manufactured and Tested in Australia.


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