DSR Lifter Bucket Holder

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Engine Nissan RB26DET
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DSR Lifter Bucket Holder

Attention, engine enthusiasts! Introducing the DSR valve shim bucket holder - the ultimate solution to keep your lifter buckets and valve shims organized and in perfect order. No more mix-ups or lost parts when working on engines with solid lifters.

This ingenious holder is designed specifically for your engine, ensuring a precise fit and allowing you to easily match each shim and bucket to the correct cylinder. Crafted from a durable, oil-resistant 3D-printed material, this holder is built to withstand the demands of your workshop.

With its numbered and labelled compartments, you'll never again struggle to keep track of your critical engine components. Simply place the shims and buckets in their designated slots, and you're good to go. The DSR valve shim bucket holder takes the guesswork out of your engine maintenance, allowing you to work with confidence and efficiency.

Don't let disorganized parts slow you down. Invest in the DSR valve shim bucket holder and experience the convenience of a perfectly organized workspace. Custom colours are available to match your shop's aesthetic. Order yours today and take control of your engine's vital components!

Available for the following

Toyota 2JZ

Toyota 5EFE

Nissan RB26


Subaru EJ20-25

Generic 16 Valve

Generic 24 Valve

Generic 36 Valve


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