Ford Ranger 3.2 Stage 2 Power Package

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Unlock the true potential of your Ford Ranger with the Stage 2 Power Package from DSR. This comprehensive upgrade delivers a game-changing performance boost, leaving the competition in the dust.

Designed for the discerning driver, our Stage 2 package combines cutting-edge engineering and proven components to deliver up to 43% more power and 30% increased torque. Experience the thrill of lightning-fast acceleration and effortless passing power, all while maintaining impressive fuel economy.

At the heart of this transformation is our custom engine and transmission calibration, optimized for maximum efficiency and responsiveness. Seamlessly integrated with the HP Tuners RTD and our user-friendly mobile app, the installation process is a breeze, allowing you to transform your Ranger in the comfort of your own garage.

Backed by rigorous testing and real-world validation, the Stage 2 Power Package is your ticket to unparalleled performance and reliability. Elevate your driving experience and leave the ordinary behind. Upgrade to the DSR Stage 2 Power Package for your Ford Ranger today.


  • DSR Engine calibration
  • DSR Transmission calibration
  • HP Tuners RTD flash device
  • Process West intercooler
  • Installation instructions



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