Intermediate Shaft With Billet Basket

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Introducing the ultimate upgrade for your ZF 6HP26 transmission - the DSR Street Dominator Billet Intermediate Shaft with Billet Basket. Made in Australia with precision and expertise, this direct-fit shaft is designed for high-power and high-speed use.

With its billet clutch drive basket, this intermediate shaft allows for the fitment of more clutches in the E clutch, providing improved power and torque delivery. Crafted from durable 300m material, it ensures longevity and reliability even under extreme conditions.

Whether you're into aggressive 4-5 upshifts or high-speed driving, the Street Dominator is your go-to choice. It's available in both small and large spline versions to cater to your specific needs.

Upgrade your transmission today with the DSR Street Dominator Billet Intermediate Shaft - the perfect combination of Australian craftsmanship, precision engineering, and unrivalled performance.