Toyota 300 Series Heat Exchanger / Intercooler

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Upgrade your Toyota 300 Series with the DSR Heat Exchanger and experience a game-changing improvement in performance. Engineered to tackle the common issue of high air charge temperatures, this front-mount heat exchanger delivers an astounding over 50-degree reduction, ensuring your engine runs cooler and more efficiently.

But the benefits don't stop there. With an additional 4-liter water capacity, the DSR Heat Exchanger provides enhanced cooling for your entire system, minimizing heat soak and maintaining optimal operating temperatures. Best of all, the simple, hassle-free installation requires no drilling, making it a seamless upgrade for your vehicle.

Designed as a bar and plate heat exchanger that runs in-line with the factory units, the DSR Heat Exchanger is the perfect solution for the 300 Series, which is known to suffer from dramatic power loss due to high air charge temperatures. Boost your Toyota's performance, reduce heat-related issues, and enjoy a more reliable, responsive driving experience with the DSR Heat Exchanger. Don't settle for less – upgrade to the best and unlock your vehicle's true potential.


Heat Exchanger

Rubber isolation mounts

Upper mounting bracket

Water hose's 

AN water fittings




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